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    I want to play an Onirim!

    I could make the Saturday 10th as well if we start playing early afternoon, because I will need to leave at about 18h.



    Awesome July.

    So that means we have July, Edurya, Xany, Nofare and Me for saturday the 10th. Shall we start playing at noon?

    Robert. I am scanning my character sheet at lunch. I am going to send you an mp to get your email address.



    Admin bbPress

    If needed, we can play et Educa.
    But I will be very happy to come to Kalum and Perse’s place and taste of her marvelous culinary skills. :heart:


    Robert Y

    @julysv: Cool! For Onirim I can offer you a Snake, Baba Yaga or Bain Sidhe. There are also two weirder ones from the French second edition: Medusa and Chimera.

    Past Lives that might interest you; pick two to four:
    Florence 1480 (The Renaissance)
    Istanbul 1517-1580 (Suleiman the Magnificent)
    Prague 1576-1612 (Rudolph II)
    London 1590 (Elizabethan)
    Paris 1630 (The Birth of the Age of Reason)
    New England 1650 (Witch Hunts)
    London 1730 (The Mechanisation of the Universe)
    Scotland 1745 (Jacobite Rebellion)
    Paris 1789 (The Revolution)



    Past lives that would interest me:
    Florence 1480 (The Renaissance)
    Prague 1576-1612 (Rudolph II)

    I’m not familiar with the types you described (Snake, Baba Yaga, Bain Sidhe, Medusa and Chimera), could you describe them in a bit more details?


    Robert Y

    Snake is an illusionist, trickster and liar; and is the most common Onirim.
    Baba Yaga is cruel, deceitful, misanthropic, suspicious and vengeful.
    Baen Sidhe is deceitful, indulgent, manipulative, modest and social.
    Chimera is connected with dreams and drugs, night life, debauchery and creativity.
    Medusa is a psychopath.



    Looking forward to the game.
    Thanks Robert.



    I think I would be interested in playing a Chimera 🙂

    EDIT: did we decide if we were going to play in English or in French? Because if we play in English, I would like to bring a friend who also wanted to try Nephilim (unless 6 players are too much for you, Robert)


    Admin bbPress

    Do we decide our character now ?

    A snake seems cool with London ( 1590 ) – New England ( 1650 ) – Paris ( 1789 )


    Robert Y

    Thanks, @edurya. You don’t have to play a Moon Nephilim; you can play another element if you want.

    We need to find out from @xany what character he wants to play.

    By the way, a lot of other Past Lives are available; it’s just that @julysv was particularly interested in the Renaissance:

    The Neolithic Era (The Dawn of History)
    Tuatha de Danaan 5000 BC
    Predynastic Egypt 5000 BC
    Egypt 3000 BC (the beginning of Dynastic Egypt)
    Sumeria 2700 BC (Gilgamesh)
    Egypt 1350 BC (Akhenaton)
    Mycenae, Greece 1200 BC (The Fall of Troy)
    Persia 600 BC (Zoroaster)
    Alexandria 350 BC (Alexander and the great philosophers)
    Carthage 200 BC
    The Roman-Gallic Wars 50 BC
    Jerusalem 30 AD (The Jesus Incident)
    Rome 350 AD (Constantine)
    The Reign of King Arthur 400 AD
    Aachen 750 AD (Charlemagne)
    Rome 1000 AD
    Constantinople 1000 AD
    Spain 1212 AD (The Reconquista)
    Montségur 1243 AD (The Cathars)
    The Fall of the Temple 1314 AD
    Avignon, France 1378 AD (the Papal Schism)
    Spain 1492 (the fall of the kingdom of Granada)
    France 1650 (The Fronde)
    London 1900 AD (The Golden Dawn)
    Paris 1873 (The Siege of Paris)
    The Great War 1916 AD
    Berlin, Germany 1933 AD


    Robert Y

    @julysv: Sorry: We’re going to be playing in English, but I think we’ve got enough players.




    Sorry I didnt get any warning despite the @xany tag

    I really don’t know anything in Nephilim 😀 I think I prefer Hydrim (but more the spiritual Undine one), or Pyrim if nobody has it:)

    I like the Roman-Gallic war, maybe for the Pyrim (gladiator style :D) and the Jacobite rebellion also! Is there something with the Norsman/Viking also?


    Robert Y

    @xany: I’ll give you a Djinn (material Pyrim). I’m afraid there aren’t any Viking past lives.



    No problem!

    The Roman-Gallic Wars 50 BC it is! I have the knowledge from the trilogy Kings of the World of Jaworski to use 😀 Even if it is way before the Roman wars



    Admin bbPress

    I’ve just realised I’ve missed some message in this thread with your remark Robert. XD
    I didn’t see the message where you explain the different nephilim. Sorryyyy.

    I would like to play an Earth Nephilim (Faërim) slave during the beginning of Dynastic Egypt in 3000 BC who rose as a knight of King Arthur ( 400 AD ) before reapparing many centuries later in Elisabethan period in London 1590 (Elizabethan)
    Then was sent to the new world, in New England 1650 for the Witch Hunts with whom he falled in love ( a witch ) and had a baby girl who had a baby girl and finally was last seen during the French Revolution in Paris ( 1789 ) as a royal guard, protector of a duchess ( his gran-daughter )

    I know I completely went off track. XD

    But basically :
    Earth Nephilim
    Beginning of Dynastic Egypt 3000 BC
    Reign of King Arthur 400 AC
    London 1590 ( Elizabethan )
    New england 1650 ( witch hunt )
    Paris 1789 ( french revolution )

    If possible of course.

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