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    Robert Y

    Would anyone be interested in playing a one-shot game of Nephilim in English?

    I was planning on using the American rules, but running either the scenario from the French Second Edition or an issue of Hermès Trismégiste magazine. Given the material available, the game will be set in France.

    As I will be designing the player characters, it would be useful for me to know which Metamorphosis, Major Arcanum, Similacrum, Past Lives, etc. you want your character to have. I know that @julysv wants her Nephilim to have been incarnated during the Renaissance and 17th/18th century: yes, there are several options available for this.

    Do people normally play at the Tattershall Castle?

    Please feel free to reply to this message in French if you prefer.



    Hey Robert.

    Welcome to « ze guilde ».

    I would love to play.

    I still have my character sheet (mandragore Faerim, lived during Akhenaton’s Egypt and Fall of Troie) from when I played at Kalum’s table. (i am his wife). Could I play with her? I can scan my charachter sheet for you to check out.

    You can play at the Tattershall, or we have known to play upstairs at the Goldsmith Pub (SE1) or anywhere available in the Royal Festival Hall. Or at people’s houses (Kalum and I live 10min by bus from Elephant and castle, or 15min of London Bridge, and love to make desserts). Edurya also has some room available at her work in South Kensington. Usually we work out what’s best for all the players involved.




    Mais tu es super rapide, Robert. Déjà un one-shot!
    Je suis intéressé.

    Mais, n’ayant jamais joué (et ne me souvenant que très vaguement du concept de base), je ne saurais pas trop quoi choisir dans les options que tu proposes. So, in the end, I’d let you come up with whatever character you think would work for the one-shot.

    Dès que tu as un « doodle » à proposer, I’ll sign up and hope I can join.

    – Alex



    YES! the one-shot I was waiting for!
    I’m up for it!

    As Nofare was saying, as soon as you have a doodle ready, we should be able to come up with a date :good: :good: :good:



    Always cool when a new a member launch a table quickly. :good:

    Maybe you could master it on the September 25th on the Sunday of the AG weekend? I dunno about July but I doubt Persephelia will have time in August.

    Consider me as an extra if you don’t have enough players.

    On a sidenote, depending on who are your players (I know some are unconfortable with the concept), I might be interested to record your session for a future episode of The Rolistes Podcast dedicated to Nephilim.



    Well I have zero availability in August and I won’t be there on the 25th of September, so… I think a doodle will solve our problem :good:



    Maybe you can keep this one for July and master something else on the 25th Robert ?


    Robert Y

    @nofare and @julysv: I’m sorry: I don’t know how to do Doodles.
    When @kalum666 said « Keep this one for July », did you mean this weekend?
    @persephelia: Your character sounds like it should be alright, but could you send me a copy?
    I like the idea of playing around someone’s house.



    I meant as July is motivated to join that table and she’s not joining the festivities on the 25th, you could master something else on the AG’s Sunday.

    I’m just trying to motivate people to master stuff on that date.

    Doodling is quite straightforward (at least to create).

    It’s just a survey you create (not registering required) on and share here with potential players.

    As we don’t usually play at regular dates we’ve been using it extensively and pick dates for events like the AG.



    Kalum meant with July = July SV, who wants to play.

    And yes I’ll send you a copy this week.

    Doodles are very simple. Link below. Just add the dates that work for you. Share the link and those that want to participate can tell when they are free on those dates.


    Robert Y

    Thanks. I get the impression that August is out, so it will probably be some time in September?



    les membres de la Guilde ont des emplois du temps chargés. Some time can therefore pass between the moment a GM offers a one-shot and the moment the one-shot actually takes place.
    Donc, oui, c’est tout à fait possible que ton one-shot se déroule en Septembre pour accomoder le plus de joueurs et de joueuses possible. Fyi, I could it tomorrow!

    In any event, no worries. No stress. Les choses devraient se simplifier un peu avec un doodle. Maybe.


    Robert Y

    OK. This is my first attempt to do a Doodle. I’ve just clicked the first 3 weekends in September. If any other dates would be more convenient, please let me know:


    Admin bbPress

    I would love to play but I don’t really know Nephilim concept. I’ve heard about it but not sure. Could you write a synopsis of the game and the principal concept ?
    That would be great !


    Robert Y

    The following Wikipedia article is a good introduction:

    Actually, this French Wikipedia article is better, but ignore the Ar-Kaim. I will be running a mixture of 1st and 2nd edition:

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